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FOX Business
Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
't rely on agencies that were once never perfect? >> that is right. i was always something. what the government is trying to measure a gigantic economy. the civil servants are working hard at this. a number of different administrations, 83 out of 84 have been questioned by wall street analysts. earlier in the year, they advise the analyst is as they don't look at the weekly revisions. use again the four-week moving average, which we are seeing in those numbers, 362,000, that is the lowest drop -- the biggest drop in about six months. that tends to smooth out and knock out things, rather than temporary automotive factory shutdowns and the like three. lou: what we saw smooth out they were those indexes. the markets. the markets are just rebelling. we watched today, and the professional money in there. let's be very clear about this. these are the professionals going back, saying that we don't want the numbers on earnings, we don't like what we are seeing along the bottom of this market, and we don't like the fact that we get a big number in the morning from the labor department and
FOX Business
Oct 6, 2012 1:00am EDT
demonstrate and right to protest almost any cutback, and they have an absurd welfare state. why are they so upset? increase government along replace civil servants extra for coming to work on time. using a computer. in italy teachers no longer can retire with a fat pension at age 39. there are other cutbacks, but not many. european welfare states are bigger than ours. now growing faster than theirs. is this what we face? once people are used to getting free stuff they fight to hold onto it. our welfare state money will run out. people can't keep voting themselves free stuff. well, i guess they can, but the money will run out. mitt romney expresses let's hear what he says about 47 percent of americans are people. >> government has a responsibility to pay for them. believe they are entitled to the health care. john: entitled. people feel entitled to government handouts, they tend to do this. when governments take some handouts away. this hope, maybe we will learn from what is going on in europe. probably not. americans don't pay much attention. the few countries did reform the welfare state w
FOX Business
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
-hours. >>> government is filing a civil suit against wells fargo. they are accused of reckless behavior issuing federally backed loans. shares of wells fargo fell nearly 2%. >>> all right, our top story today, german chancellor angela merkel arrived in greece today and was met with massive protests. some greeks even dressed as nazis to mock the german leader that is so nice. what a great welcome. why are the greeks protesting one of the few people who might actually be able to help them escape a economic meltdown? joining me for more on this story, university of chicago proper professor charles lipscomb and former director of the congressional budget office, douglas holtz-eakin. thanks to you both for joining us. doug, what do you think of those pictures? >> i think this is a reminder that greeks have not done the hard reforms they need to be successful. to be successful in the bad growth, big debt environment they have to cut government employment and reduce transfer programs. they have done very little of that. they were supposed to cut 30,000 jobs. they cut 1,000. they lost another nine from
FOX Business
Oct 11, 2012 9:00pm EDT
to do the job. ryan: we are, but fewer of them. biden: that's right, more afghans to do the job. afghans to do the job. >> moderator: moving to another war. the civil war in syria where there's estimated 30,000 people killed. in march of last year, president obama explained to the military action taken in libya by saying it was in the national interest to go in and prevent further massacres from occurring there. why doesn't the same logic apply in syria? biden: it's a different country. it's a different country. it is five times as large geographically. it has one fifth the population that is libya, one fifth the population, five times larger geographically in a part of the world they will not see whatever comes from that war seeping into a regional war. you are in a country that's heavily populated in the midst of the most dangerous area in the world, and, in fact, if, in fact, it blows up in and the wrg people gain control, it's going to have impact on the entire region causing potentially regional wars. we are working hand-and-glove with the turks, the senior -- jordannians, and the s
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)